HCT Group is supporting Social Enterprise UK's 'Society Profits' campaign. Social Enterprise Day on the 17th November is a great opportunity to get the message out that 'Choose Social Enterprise and Everybody Profits' to more people. Social enterprises are businesses that:

  • Help improve society or the environment
  • Use their profits for good or share them
  • Are often based in deprived communities
  • Employ people who find it difficult to get jobs

HCT Group fully supports this campaign. We believe that social enterprises and co-ops make natural business partners. When finding new suppliers, we ask if a social enterprise or a co-op can fit the bill. Working with other social enterprises is preferential for a variety of reasons. Many social enterprises and co-ops offer great value for money and high quality products and services. As they share our values, doing business with other social enterprises continues to add value to our own social impact. Dai Powell recently blogged about this issue please view the article on The Guardian website.

For further information about the 'Society Profits' campaign please visit the Social Enterprise UK website.

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